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Coming Soon!

Book 4 in the Shadow Legacy series

Book 4 in the Shadow Legacy series is coming and for those of you following the adventures of our young ninja, Duncan, you won’t have too much longer to wait.  Projected release date for Truth of the Ninja: Air is early spring 2014, and soon after that the last book, Rebirth of the Ninja: Spirit may follow sometime during the summer.

Both of these final installments of the Shadow Legacy series are now in the editing process.

Keep checking back for information, samples and sneak peaks!


What is considered the Dark Ninja Arts? As we all know the ninja uses tickery as much as he/she can to win a fight. To loose means death. There are no other options than to win. But there is an honor to the fight/battle and to winning, and to do so using the utmost deceatful trickery is considered a dishonor.

Many may think, “So what? I would do what I can just to win if it meant living.” True. But to call on the dark forces to do your bidding is not honorable. Think of it as cheating during a game or competition. If you win and get the trophy under deceitful terms was it really winning?

Duncan Kimura and his team face such foes in further books of the Shadow Legacy series. They share inner struggles with what is right and wrong, honorable and dishonorable, during a battle. “But they’re ninja!” you say. Yes, but there is deep honor in the ninja way. Think about it….