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Modern day teen assassins trained in the way of the ninja. Alternate reality adult fantasy, the first installment is Art of the Ninja: Earth and it may seem a little soft at first, but builds into a bloody battle that’s sure to capture those not faint of heart.

Reviews are poping up and this book is being compared to “reading like good anime.” This is a different kind of fantasy, but you won’t know unless you check it out. Go to to read a sample chapter!


Art of the Ninja: Earth is availabe on Kindle

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Art of the Ninja: Earth

Hello world!

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This is the first book in the Shadow Legacy series.  What’s it about?  Modern day teen assassins trained in the way of the ninja, but that’s not all.  This is alternate reality fantasy for adults and if you love manga and anime then this is your book!

You can read the full brief plot summary and a sample chapter at:  or

Book launch May 7 at Constellation Books  special pricing for one day only so get in on the ground floor now!